About FreshWater Solutions…

In an emergency, one of the most important resources to sustain life for you and your family is FRESH WATER. This precious commodity can’t be grown, cultivated or reproduced. It’s a renewable resource, but it’s a process we have no control over. It is a resource that has been manipulated and cherished for years now. It is so essential to life that we will pay anyone, anything to have it.drinkanywater

Water is the most abundant resource on earth. In fact 70% of the earth is covered in water and over half the human body is composed of water. Everything needs water, in one way or another, to survive. Yet only 1% of the world’s bodies of water are fit for human consumption. 97% of the earth’s water is too salty or mineral-filled to drink safely. Another 2% is frozen in glaciers and the North and South poles. That leaves a precious 1% for everyone, everywhere, in every country of the world.

Emergency Scenarios:

However, despite all the efforts of environmentalist, we still have serious concerns over our natural water supplies. Mother nature is not predictable, years of drought in California, flood waters throughout the country prove that. World disasters, states suing other states due to scarce fresh water and mandates for sharing what comes downstream.

Debris, chemicals and human and animal waste products poured into flood waters in states that lined the Mississippi River as raging water engulfed cities, towns and byways this past spring.

There are so many circumstances that can affect your ability to have clean drinking water readily available. Tsunamis, Tornadoes and other natural disasters. Supply interruptions could arise from civil unrest or war, even a breakdown in the power grid can make your supply of available drinking water suddenly become NON EXISTENT.

You and your family can last for days or weeks on limited supplies of food. YOU CAN ONLY LAST A FEW DAYS WITHOUT WATER. Should you find yourself in a situation without drinkable water available, what are you going to do? Attempting to drink from steams, reservoirs, lakes or coastal sea water without purification can make your family sick from bacterial contamination or even worse when drinking sea water.

The perfect Solution:

Whether it’s a temporary shortage or a long term water outage, you must be prepared for your family’s sake. The cavalry does not always come in time, you must take this serious to deal with what could save your family’s life. Your PEACE OF MIND for your family is the most important decision you may ever make.

Introducing the world’s first AFFORDABLE Freshwater maker from FreshWater Solutions. This system is portable, converts ANY BODY of water to 99% PURE FRESH drinking water! (including Salt Water)

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