Pure fresh water in emergencies…

World’s first affordable fresh water solution that can save your family’s life.

familyReliable Portable Water Filter Systems from FreshWater Solutions… If you are taking pre-emptive steps to ensure the survival of your family and loved ones during a catastrophic event, the water filtration systems from FreshWater Solutions is just what you need.

We only have to watch the news to see the devastating effects that natural catastrophes, chemical spills and war can have on the basic supplies needed to sustain life. At FreshWater Solutions we supply you with the best and most practical portable water filtration systems. Always have access to 99% pure fresh drinking water whether you live by freshwater, brackish water or seawater.

We believe that you have the right to professional water filtration systems for an affordable and fair price. This is why you can get the portable emergency water filtration system you need through FreshWater Solutions for the lowest prices on the market. To get in touch with our team about the right water filtration system for your geographical location, please contact us now.

Our portable water filtration systems can purify:

  • Freshwater to 99% purity
  • Brackish water to 99% purity
  • Seawater to 99% purity